Fantasy Books


Fantasy books are books that does not contain any truth but are filled with unrealistic settings, or magic, mythology and magical creatures. There is no rudimentary trail of real life and it will have description of talking animals, super heroes, magical powers etc. There are no accepted rules of what is being observed in the day today life and the story in the book spins around the impossible and out of the box parameters of the real life. It is a make-believe story and will be able to weave loads of imagination and creativity in all ages of readers. The theme shall be more magical and is always a part of the fantasy world and the magic can be seen in the plot or the story setting or the characters in the story practising the art. Fairy tales series by Hans Christian Andersen is one of the modern fantasy books and has immense popularity relating to young children. In fact, it strikes a chord even in adolescent age groups where there will be a wish made on candles, tooth fairy, stuffed animals talking etc.
Fantasy can also relate to dragons, kings, forts, knights in shining armours etc. Some of the subcategories in the genre of fantasy books include romance, sword, sorcery, fairy tales, magic, mystery, history, comedy, dark fantasy, high and heroic fantasy etc. Fantasy category of books helps readers experience the power of magic that is in the world around us and the magic in ourselves.