Reading books helps improve human mind both psychologically and cognitively. Regularly reading a book helps the mind to relax, improve self-respect, expand knowledge and sleep better. In an era of digital evolution where everything is fed into our minds, eyes, ears through electronic modes, the olden as well as the golden habit of reading books is proven medically to be very healthy to take care of our mind and body. Reading books offers a huge support and opens up different horizons to the mind of readers. It helps individuals embark on a new intellectual and emotional journey. Reading is to the mind is what exercise is to the body.

Self Esteem

fghfghBook readers are pumped with greater self-esteem and self-acceptance which is paramount forall ages. Having knowledge and expertise on a certain topic will greatly boost self-confidence. It improves the morale, imagination and creativity of an individual who is an avid reader. Being exposed to diverse set of ideas inevitably improves the creativity that readers will start thinking about a creative idea almost involuntarily. Watching television improves uber x Software passive imagination while reading books increases active imagination. The reason for being active is that the mind tends to see what is being presented by the author while reading a book.


Book does not think for the reader but makes the reader think. Reading books stimulates the mind, reduces stress, improves memory and strong analytical skills, enhances focus, knowledge and concentration as well as improves vocabulary and written skills. By trying to read consistently, it improves memory and tendency to forget, becomes more and more bleak with increased practice. By constant reading, the mental process is consistently active, and the brain becomes more sharper and memory improves consistently. It stimulates the thoughts and cultivates natural curiosity.



Vocabulary improves steadily because unfamiliar words used by the author of the book may not be understood by the reader. The context with which the word is used by the author will force the reader to understand and hence improves one’s vocabulary. In kids and smaller children, it improves speech and language.


hobbyPersons never feel alone while reading a book. Acquiring fresh knowledge eliminates exhaustion and vagueness. It brings a very physical and radical change in a person who is an avid reader of the books. Listening skills tremendously improves and helps in developing the listening ability of the person. It increases the concentration and gives greater inner peace and tranquillity.

A book has varied types and genre. Information presented in the book is much more knowledgeable and deeper than what gets presented in a discussion. Writing skills tremendously improves when we read the assorted styles of the author. Also, while reading, the reader exposes themselves to a world of different ideas and different topics that helps them gain deeper knowledge thereby improving the reasoning skills.

The different types of book to read are fiction, satire, drama, adventure, action, horror, mystery and romance.Books can be broadly categorised as fiction and non-fictional books. The fictional books include suspense fiction, crime fiction, detective fiction, mystery fiction, urban fiction, women’s fiction and can come in many varieties.
A fictional book that focuses on science with action is categorised as a sci-fi book or thriller. Pure fictional books are completely imaginative but some elements of these will contain truth or real facts. The real facts are elaborated and exaggerated to an extent that latest ideas and stories will be spun off based on those ideas.

Non-fictional books will be based on social themes and life of prominent people. Biographies are generally categorised as non-fictional books because they are based on real life of a person. Travel books also fall in the category of non-fictional categories. In addition to the popular genre, there are also genres like Satire and anthology which is also of interest. Satire topics are written to make fun of something and is different from humour. Anthology are collation and compilation of different kind of works.

There are also books written exclusively for children and the focus in such books will be on the young and developing minds of the children. It is written with pictures or images for better reading and understanding so that the ideas stay in the immature minds to gain lot of values from the content. The idea is to increase their love and captivity into reading the books and visualise stories in sequence. Some books will be like participation or activity books that will serve as an encouragement to keep them glued to the book.It helps build their imagination, develop their creative skills and improves their communication for better. The love of reading in kids must be nurtured in all sort and it is essential to expose the children to several types of characters and lifestyles. It opens the world of greater possibilities and broader perspective around kids. It helps them open different emotions and ways of expression. The more the variety of reading material that the children are exposed, greater is the depth and range of the child’s social and economic development in the society.

Contrary to children books, there are adult books where the ideas are beyond the understanding of the children and the contents are restricted for their level of grasping. Adult books can serve varied purpose and are generally used for enrichment of ideas, knowledge, experience and values. Some books are packed with greater information that helps expand the knowledge greatly and helps in the overall improvement of life. These are some set of 12 books that will improve your intelligence level. The category of such books may include serious fiction that would have partial truth but not entirely truthful. Similarly, science books will not be limited to the science topic but increases the knowledge and understanding of the natural world and so is poetical books that helps create great imageries in the mind to develop creativity and imagination.

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